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Build Your BikerCam System HD 1080p Package

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BikerCam 1080p Rolling Through Virginia (Watch in 1080p)
Memory Cards NOT Included
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Included with the BikerCam HD 1080p

The World's Smallest & Lightest 1080p HD Biker Camera

 1080p Full HD Super-Sharp Video 
 Auto-Start & Stop Recording at Ignition & Shutdown
 Continuous Charging While Recording
 High-Dynamic Sensor - Great for Low-Light Night Riding
 Wide-Angle Lens Without Fish-Eye Effect
 Looped Recording Overwrites Older Files
 2+ Hrs. 1080p Recording on Battery (Lithium Rechargeable)
 Longer Recording Time at 720p (Switchable Option)
 Rainproof Cover for Rain and Dust Protection
 Free Optional Time & Date Stamp on Video
 Patented 8-Direction Mounting System
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Download the BikerCam System HD 1080p manuall here to get a more detailed idea
of what you will be getting and what you can do with this package.


BikerCam, Dashcam
BikerCam HD 1080p makes a superb Dash Cam for your car or truck,
with optional time & date stamp, looped recording, and charging while recording.
Firmware Options: The BikerCam is loaded with what we think is the most appropriate firmware. But if you wish, we may change the firmware for you before shipping. See the options below and let us know in the remarks area on the order form if you wish to change your firmware.

BikerCam Looping with Beep
OPS HD 1080p Normal with Beep (Default)
OPS HD 1080p No Beep (Ideal for Hunters)
Police (OPS HD 1080p) Looping with Beep & Time & Date Stamp on Video
"Looping" means you will continue to record when your memory card is full, by writing over your oldest video.
Biker Fish Tachyon BikeCam
Click Logo for Full Review of BikerCam HD
"Now I'm a pretty technical guy and can figure out how to work just about anything, however I prefer the things I use to be as simple as possible, and the TACHYON BikerCam is just that... SIMPLE."

"Overall based on price, video quality, ease of use, and accessories included - I find the TACHYON BikerCam one of the best values on the market for a motorcycle/helmet mounted video camera."
BikerCam HD Videos (Old 720p Version)
Ian Charles Review Cyclefish.com Review
Watch for New BikerCam HD 1080p Videos
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Tachyon BikerCam System HD 1080p


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